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    Smart Remote Food Dispenser Working with Wifi

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    Product Description


    2.The Pet food should preferably be dry food with a diameter of 4-18 mm .
    3.The Pet Feeder have 2 types: Button Version & WiFI Version,  Please Check Carefully Before you buy it which type you want. thanks
    4. Mobile phone should connect with 2.4G wifi. If your wifi is 5G wifi, please set it to 2.4G wifi.
    5. It is a normal working state on the Battery mode. The feeder's screen will automatically turn off if no operation in the 60s, which is entered power saving mode. But it still works by the feeding plan you set.  If you need the Screen to light up, just need to press and hold the "Lock" button for 3s to unlock the screen. pls kindly noted. thanks
    ROJECO 4L Automatic Pet Feeder Cat Food Dispenser Accessories Remote Control Smart WiFi Auto Feeder for Cats Dogs

    Can you imagine a home with pets and no one at home? Pets will hungry, or rummage through items. However, with our 4L automatic pat feeder, you don't need to worry about these things happening to your pets. It will take good care of your pet and develop a healthy diet and good eating habits for your pets.
    Our 4L auto cat feeder, which can feed your pet for about 2-3 weeks, suitable for small to medium sized pets. No longer have to worry about early morning, working overtime, traveling and working without feeding.

    WiFi Version:  can set 10 meals per day, up to 60 portions per meal, 6±2g per portion.
    Button Version: can set 6 meals per day, up to 60 portions per meal, 6±2g per portion.
    Just set the number of meals and the portions, the feeder can automatically feed your pet, no need to get up early, even when travelling, shopping and working.
    In order to prolong the life of the feeder and prevent the food from being stuck in the feeder, the food should preferably be dry food with a diameter of 4-18mm.
    WiFI / Button Version
    App Easy to Use
    Freshness in Every Bite
    Detachable design for Clean
    Dual Power Supply (Battery is Not included)
    Product Name:ROJECO Automatic Pet Feeder
    Model: PTM-001(wifi) , PTM-003(button)
    Color: White
    Size: 335*330*177MM
    Capacity: 4L
    Weight: 1310g
    Material: ABS/SUS 304/PC
    Input Parameters: 5VDC/1A
    Connection Mode: WIFI/Button
    Battery Requirement: 4 * AA Batteries (Not Included)
    Attention Please:
    1,It is not recommended for pets less than three months old.
    2,It is recommended to use indoors, do not directly expose to sunlight and keep away from fire source
    3,Please use the original power adapter to avoid the device damage or failure to work
    4,It is strictly forbidden to soak in water
    5,To prevent pets from falling over the feeder, it is recommended to place it in the corner or against the wall.
    6,Children should use under the guidance of adults
    7,Do not soak the desiccant in water.if damaged,do not continue to use it.
    8,If you move or stop using the product,please unplug the power cable and remove the bottom battery.
    9,Except for the maintenance personnel,do not disassemble and repair the product to avoid accidental injury.

    Installation Instructions:
    1.Add Food
    2.Press the lid button to open and add food
    3.Add Desiccant
    4.Take off the lid and open the desiccant box, place the desiccant then close it
    5.Install the Food Bowl
    6.Place the bowl on ground and main body stuck down, as the picture shows
    7.Power-On: Connect charging cable to power supply and type-C charging port at the bottom of feeder
    9.Add Pet dry food and put the lid( Suitable for 4-12mm (0.16-0.47in ) diameter dry food)
    How to Connect the APP:
    1.Download the APP "ROJECO" from APP store or Android APP Market
    2.Then " +Add Device" On the the home page, please connect the device with the reminder
    3.Note: Please make sure the bluetooth is turn on when connecting to the network for the first time.
    4.Scan the code to download the "ROJECO" APP
    How to schedule feeding plan by APP:
    Set the feeding plan in the APP after connected, it could automatically fed as schedule, also can receive feeding records everytime.
    How to Manual Feeding:
    Double click the manual feeding button then give one portion of the food(about 5g) each time.
    (It also can be controlled by APP)
    How to Reset Wifi Connection:
    Hold the feeding button for 5 Seconds,  the wifi/bluetooth indicator flash quickly then reset succeeds.
    Indicator Description:
    Green light slowly flashes: Waiting for connection
    Green Light stays on: Connected
    Red Light slowly flashes: Lack of food
    Red light quickly flashes: Feeder is stuck
    Red light off: Enough food
    Questions & Answers
    Question1: Why network connecting is not successful?
    Answer: 1.Confirm whether it is tourist mode, please register for the APP account on first using.
    2. Make sure that the network password is entered correctly.
    3. Please make sure to use 2.4G WiFi network, this product does not support 5G WiFi.
    4. Please make sure that the WiFi working on good condition, it is recommended that the distance is not more than 20 meters to avoid poor network connecting.
    Question2: Why the device cannot be searched?
    Answer: If there is no distribution network for a long time after booting, it is possible to search for the device when the network is distributed again, please press the feeding button for 6S, and then add the device to search for the device.
    Question3: Why no food dispensed?
    Answer: 1.Please check whether remaining food is sufficient.
    2.Please make sure that pet food is dry food, this product only supports dry food used.
    3.This product can be added to no more than 20% lyophilized food and its size must be less than 12 mm.
    4.Please confirm whether the feeding channel is full, it will reduce the number of feeding portions.
    5.If feeder is stuck, please clean it up and go on using after ensuring the problem solved.
    Question4: Why does not work after power supplied?
    Answer: 1.Please check whether the plug is correctly connected to the power supply,
    2.Whether the machine is connected by type C charging port without problem.
    3.Whether the power indicator light is on normally


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    Smart Remote Food Dispenser Working with Wifi

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Marielle Hegmann

    The feeder is excellent, everything is clearly described how to customize. There is a mobile app! But my always hungry cat did not fit, tried to open it in order to get food, the feeder went to the calm cat)

    Rebeka Bruen

    The cat turned out to be smarter than me, she puts her paw there and takes out a couple of pieces of food. And the guard is sitting suddenly still fall out‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

    Gabrielle Upton

    It's great, it looks expensive and rich, the quality of the plastic is great, the charging unit comes with a very long taipsi cord, the only one does not work with Alisa, it's a pity that you can't say Alice feed the cat

    Jody Hayes

    Connection is not fast, but in the end everything is OK) the application is on the Russian, intuitive) delivery on the Russian market 7 daysAll whole, not crumpled) neatly packed. See how much прослужитWhile I like it) the cat immediately came up, the cat is still a little afraid of the sound, but in the end it eats)

    Jaime Cartwright

    The delivery came really fast and I bought it at a satisfactory price with various discounts I have four cats, so I ordered a total of four The product quality is also satisfactory and discombodable, so it seems to be convenient to wash If you buy, be sure to wipe the stainless bowl with oil to remove the polishing agent (Essential!!) The application is well translated in Korean and the operation is smooth. But when the battery is used, it goes offline after a certain period of time, but I don't know why. If you're going to buy, get quick before you're late

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