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    100% Cotton AdiDOG Sweatshirt

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    dog clothes: clothes

    Material: 100% Cotton

    Product size comparison table

    XS-back length:16cm/6.29inch,bust:27cm/10.62inch,suit for pet weight:1-1.5kg

    S-back length:20cm/7.87inch,bust:32cm/12.59inch,suit for pet weight:1.5-2kg

    M-back length:25cm/9.84inch,bust:37cm/14.561inch,suit for pet weight:2.5-3.5kg

    L-back length:30cm/11.81inch,bust:42cm/16.531inch,suit for pet weight:3.5-5kg

    XL-back length:35cm/13.77inch,bust:47cm/18.5inch,suit for pet weight:5-7.5kg

    2XL-back length:40cm/15.74inch,bust:52cm/20.47inch,suit for pet weight:7.5-10kg

    3XL-back length:45cm/17.71inch,bust:59cm/23.22inch,suit for pet weight:10-13.5kg

    4XL-back length:50cm/19.681inch,bust:64cm/25.19inch,suit for pet weight:13.5-17kg

    5XL-back length:55cm/21.651inch,bust:69cm/27.16inch,suit for pet weight:17-20.5kg

    6XL-back length:60cm/23.621inch,bust:74cm/29.13inch,suit for pet weight:20.5-24kg

    7XL-back length:65cm/25.59inch,bust:79cm/31.1inch,suit for pet weight:24-28kg

    8XL-back length:70cm/27.55inch,bust:84cm/33.07inch,suit for pet weight:28-31.5kg

    9XL-back length:75cm/29.52inch,bust:90cm/35.43inch,suit for pet weight:31.5-35kg
    Must see before choosing the size!
    How to choose a size:

    The size of the clothes needs to be selected according to the dog's bust and body length.

    For the bust: Because the dog has fur and the range of movement is large, the bust size of the dog's clothes needs to be 5cm larger than the actual bust of the dog.

    For the length: The dog's body length refers to the distance between the shoulder and the hips. It is recommended that the length of the dog's clothes is the same as the dog's actual body length.


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    100% Cotton AdiDOG Sweatshirt

    Clothes Size Chart

    Clothes Size Chart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Ivano Cimmino

    Sono 3 mesi che ho ordinato l oggetto!!! E il codice di tracciamento dice che non esiste

    Carlos Lindgren

    Blouses are good, but a little tight in the chest for pugs

    Reece Rogahn

    Good, I think it's only for 3~4 months, expendables. And I don't have big expectations.

    Makayla Schmeler

    She took the first rosemir on the Stafa, the city, the thrones are great dovzhina, ale yakraz for the spin rosemir. Duge m 'yaka woven, the dog is pre-war

    Marilyne Maggio

    Our big boy goldie fits beautifully in this 9XL. Not washed it yet, only just received them today. The right time for the cold weather in the UK. Keeps our golden babies warm without a blanket as this big boy is prone to chewing all blankets and towels!

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